The “Encuentro” project was born out of the desire to revive the famous Quinteto so close to the hearts of Salgan and Piazzolla. Originally it refers to the title of one of the most beautiful compositions by the illustrious pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann, his encounter with the Caliente Quartet is behind several outstanding scores specifically written for him. Like other great figures of the “second generation” of Nuevo Tango such as Mosalini, Agri or Ziegler, Beytelmann has largely contributed to its rise and development whilst remaining open to the challenges of a modern world which is constantly evolving.


    Encuentro is also the meeting with the guitarist Laurent Colombani, a fantastic musician with a command of different styles and moods. His subtle and individual way of playing could alone justify the choice of adding an electric guitar to the more traditional instruments. A choice that may have been surprising or even shocking at the time but has ultimately proved to be a winner. The door to new colours and influences such as jazz, bebop, bossa nova was opened yet the writing still has the richness of classical culture, the “cultural revolution” of tango was finally accomplished! Thanks to these committed and passionate musicians it continues and shines on to this day.