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A classically trained double bass player who studied in the music schools (conservatoire) of Avignon, CNR of Boulogne Billancourt (National music school) as well as the CNR of Paris. Since 1995 he has played as a guest musician in different symphonic orchestras (those of Paris, Rennes, Avignon, Caen, Metz and the Chamber Music Orchestra of Toulouse).

Between 1997 and 2004 has regularly played with the “Ensemble InterContemporain” for many concerts and some recordings.
e.g. Pli selon Pli, composed and conducted by Pierre BOULEZ. Deutsche Grammophon. His eclectic taste and the extensive range of the double bass has taken him to other styles of music, such as the Argentine Tango.

Currently with Tomas Gubitsch in two of his groups, In the sextet “Splendor Tango Club” a ballroom group formed in 2011, Joined the Caliente Quartet in January 2015, Joined the Télémaque Ensemble (Marseille) in September 2012. An ensemble focused on a contemporary repertoire and creation.

In 2011 he wrote and played on the electric double bass the music for the play “Avenir Radieux” as well as in 2015, the play “Le Maniement des Larmes” written and directed by Nicolas Lambert (the company, Un Pas de Côté). Improvisation has also been a means of reaching out to other artistic forms such as dance, graphic art and the theatre in the form of performances and shows. He was on stage alongside Julia Migenes, Angélique Ionatos and currently Agnès Jaoui.