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Quatuor Caliente – Debora Russ

Quatuor Caliente – Debora Russ

Label : AEON distributed by Harmonia Mundi
Music : Astor Piazzolla

Special guest : Debora RUSS, singer

For its second volume dedicated to Argentine maestro Astor PIAZZOLLA, the Caliente Quartet receives a distinguished guest: the singer Débora Russ, who possesses a mesmerizing, intimate, sensual and passionate voice. Caliente offers a dynamic accompaniment in the simplicity and the emotion. With songs on texts of Neruda, Borges or Ferrer, five musicians favor a discreet melancholy and a lasciviousness: the only really removed song is Che … Tango Che, on Jean Claude Carrière’s text. it reigns within the group an exemplary musical freedom and an agreement.

Jérémie Szpirglas – ” Le Monde de la Musique” September, 2007

1st Prize at International Compétition “Piazzolla Music Award” awarded at Blue note Jazz Club of Milan in Italy in 2004.