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ENCUENTRO : Encounter

” The Tango is like my mother tongue, the backbone of my life as a musician; I tried to make it advance, whilst seeking a synthesis between my various musical centres of interest, such as jazz and contemporary music ” – Gustavo BEYTELMANN


SPECIAL GUESTS : Laurent COLOMBANI, Guitar and Vincent MAILLARD, Vibraphone

The title and contents of this new disc are full of meaning for the Caliente Quartet. They attest at the same time to their encounter and great history with the music of Astor Piazzolla and the Tango Nuevo, to their ( more recent) encounter with the Argentine composer Gustavo Beytelmann and finally, their encounters with guitarist Laurent Colombani and Vibraphonist Vincent Maillard.

From Astor Piazzolla, it is a new piece by the composer that the Caliente Quartet offers us with their customary great energy, force and feeling. The Camorras were the last pieces recorded by Piazzolla with his Quintet, in 1988 – “probably the best”, according to him…There are dense, complex, sumptuous pieces of intense richness and unbounded emotional power.

Although the 1960s were an explosive period in Astor Piazzolla’s creative life and during wich he founded his first quintet ( with Bandoneon, violin, piano, electric guitar and bass), the 1980s were a period of synthesis in his output and his life – a life of struggle to establish himself ine the musical landscape of Buenos Aires. His compositions became rarer but more profound. He did a new take on several pieces written in the 60s, giving them a new poetic voice and life force. A number of musicians such as Leopoldo Frederico, Roberto di Filippo and Horacio Malvicino agree in saying that ” Piazzolla made his quintet sound like an orchestra of twenty musicians”.

It was after hearing them on stage that Gustavo Beytelmann offered to the musicians of the Caliente Quartet in 2007 ” Otras Voces”, for Quintet with Vibraphone, of wich they gave the first performance at the Abbey of l’Epau, then “El Desaparecido” in 2010; “Encuentro”, composed in 1996, belongs to the repertoire of quintet with guitar. These three works illustrate three very different approaches to the musical universe of the composer, who draws on all his influences to give us music that is rich, intense and varied, ” I compose contemporary music and music with strong tango components. It is, let’s say, my ” imaginary tango”. From the fine thread of a very high violin string to the power of a canyengue movement, this is a veritable journey to the heart of emotions.